October 09, 2019

Dept. of Education's Green Strides Tour Spotlights Bertschi's Campus & Program

The U.S. Department of Education's 2019 Green Strides Tour honors Bertschi School with a visit on Tuesday, October 29 at 10:30 AM. Representatives of the Department of Education will lead a tour of our campus, highlighting the theme of Whole Child, Whole School Sustainability. Read more about the tour here.

In addition to being named a Green Ribbon School in 2014, Bertschi School built the first LEED gold-certified building on an independent school campus in the Pacific NW, built the first certified "Living Building" in Washington State and the first in the world built to the Living Building Challenge 2.0 standard, is a certified Washington Green School, and received a 2017 Green Roof and Wall Award of Excellence by Cities Alive.

Our hands-on environmental stewardship curriculum begins in Prekindergarten and continues through fifth grade, with elements woven into classroom work, resource classes, and daily interactions with our campus.

August 12, 2019

Teacher Attends MIT Science and Engineering Program

Bertschi's Technology Integration Specialist, Joey Tanaka, was selected to attend this summer's 30th annual Science and Engineering Program for Teachers (SEPT) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. SEPT brings together the best and brightest minds to inspire and bring the MIT saying of “hands-on, minds-on” learning to teachers.

"I was able to learn and personally meet professors and researchers I had only seen on TED Talks or read about online. Every day was packed with wonder, until late into the evening, learning together with 55 other teachers from around the world - double the number in previous years and an entirely new format and style.

After deep sessions, “drinking from the firehose” of learning on topics like climate change, NASA’s efforts in space and next gen robotics, discussions went on late into the evening, comparing educational systems, sharing the challenges and triumphs of teaching and learning more about what we’ll take home, with teachers from as far away as Brazil, South Africa, Germany and the Cayman Islands.

Former Bertschi parent and MIT Alum, Marissa Martinez, recommended me to the Puget Sound MIT Alumni organization and with their support and selection, MIT then made their final choice. I am incredibly grateful to both and the Bertschi community, for always encouraging me to be a compassionate, confident and creative learner right alongside our kids."

While in Boston, Joey also visited the LEGO HQ to scope out a yet-unreleased product for future use at Bertschi.

Did You Know? Joey is also a Google Certified Educator Level 1 and Level 2, and was named a Master LEGO Educator 2018. We are so lucky to have him on our faculty!

June 21, 2018

Two Bertschi teachers named 2018 LEGO® Master Educators

Today, LEGO® Education announced the first cohort of the US LEGO Education Master Educator program including our very own Julie Blystad (Science Specialist) and Joey Tanaka (Technology Integration Specialist).

Selected participants applied to the program which is designed for educators in early learning through secondary school who currently use LEGO hands-on learning solutions in their classroom. The selected participants embody the LEGO Education mission of enabling success for all students through hands-on learning experiences.

The 110 LEGO Education Master Educators will enjoy many activities including access to like-minded educators, insider news of special LEGO Education offers and events and recognition. They will also be invited to provide feedback to LEGO hands-on learning solutions and programs.

“Shining a spotlight on the good work of educators and sharing best practices from classrooms across the country are top priorities for LEGO Education,” said Silver McDonald, head of LEGO Education North America. “It’s why we’re launching the LEGO Education Master Educator program and eagerly awaiting to welcome and start learning from the first cohort of Master Educators.”

April 25, 2018

Bertschi Alumna Produces Podcast Featuring Living Building

Bertschi alumna Julia Drachman (Class of 2003) is producer of the podcast Design Can Save the World. Her latest episode, "Think about how a flower works," tells the story of our school's Living Building and features the voices of Science Specialist Julie Blystad and Director of Technology and Campus Planning Stan Richardson, as well as several Bertschi alumni. Julia appreciates all of the support from the Bertschi community and is so excited to share the story with everyone.

Listen online or on iTunes.

January 12, 2018

Check Out Our New Strategic Plan 2018+

Over the past year, our Strategic Planning Task Force led our community through an inclusive and well-researched process that incorporated feedback from parents, students, faculty, trustees, and alumni families to create a forward-thinking plan that looks to the long-term success of our school and our community.

At the heart of this plan are our students. We are putting our most important resource–our faculty–at the forefront of our work because of the direct impact they have on each child and family. This intentional choice will build upon the foundation established by past strategic plans, and support the success of each child at Bertschi now and in the future. Investing in our excellent faculty has a direct impact on each child and each family.

This Strategic Plan 2018+ is unlike any plan that Bertschi has previously published; it is unbounded by a strict time frame, committing us to ongoing strategic thinking, and aligning with a desire to be more adaptive, resilient, and responsive to changes and discoveries along the way. We expect to complete this plan in the next three to five years, but remain open to new opportunities and challenges that may emerge.

We have already started the work of this plan, even before it was set down on paper. As we look to the future, we open ourselves up to big questions, and set out to explore our mission as it applies to our students, our faculty, and our entire community in the 21st century.

See our strategic plan »