The Bertschi Way

We work hard to create a culture of kindness where Bertschi students actively take part in community and learn to expect and appreciate continual innovation and growth.

Bertschi kids are taught to be curious, enthusiastic, cooperative, and open to new ideas. Each child is known and respected as an important member of our school community. Our faculty and students work hard to create a culture of kindness where everyone has an important role:

  • Teachers teach and model respect for others
  • Classrooms practice social responsibility
  • Students know their own strengths and areas of challenge
  • Our community supports each other and allows students to feel safe taking risks

Our approach toward teaching and learning at Bertschi School is one of cooperation. We believe in:

  • Collaborative problem solving in and out of the classroom
  • The richness of diversity
  • Teaching and modeling respect for others
  • Practicing social responsibility in concrete ways