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Bertschi School will begin a gradual phase-in to a hybrid school continuation model in late September. To learn more:

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Engaging our Differences

Bertschi's founding commitments have always included a school community that represent a broad range of racial, ethnic, cultural, socio-economic, family structure, and learning diversities. And, there is always more work to do.

Explore the Work of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

Intentional curriculum in each grade level promotes age and developmentally appropriate content to stimulate learning in the areas of identity, diversity, justice and action.

A courageous and dynamic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee composed of faculty, staff, Board members, and parents works to ensure our commitments are achieved and new initiatives move the work forward.

DEI work is one of three strategic pillars in Bertschi's 2018+ Strategic Plan.

Capacity-building events and activities for faculty, staff, students, and parents featuring local and national experts on topics such as Media Literacy, Gender Diversity, Multicultural Education, Cultural Competency, Race and Privilege, and Anti-bias Awareness. Recent visiting professionals at Bertschi have included Dr. Heather Clark, Rosetta Lee, and Maketa Wilborn.

Connections with our broader community extend and enhance our commitment. This year Bertschi has partnered with the Hilltop Educator Discussion Series to share in important conversations with local educators.

Bertschi's active and engaged Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee hosts events to build community affinity spaces for families. Events like the LGBTQ family playdate, a celebration of Juneteenth at the NW African-American Museum, and Coffee and Conversation for Families of Color bring people together to engage in their common experiences and their differences.

Meet Our Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Ciera Young

"Education has the power to inspire learners to reimagine themselves, their communities, and their futures. When the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion are prioritized in education, it compels learners to reimagine how they can change their communities and futures. In pursuit of this goal, we challenge ourselves to dig wide and deep. We ask tough questions of ourselves and others that don't have immediate answers. All of this is done to create a community rooted in care, connection, and justice. DEI is hard work and it is heart work. I am committed to creating brave spaces for the Bertschi Community to learn, grow, and build together."

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