The Bertschi Fund

The Bertschi Fund is our school's one annual fundraiser with a goal of 100% parent participation. Because tuition does not cover the full cost of educating a child at Bertschi, we ask current families, alumni, grandparents, and other community members to help us meet our goal each year.

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The Bertschi Fund is an unrestricted fund made up of annual donations from the community that, in addition to tuition, helps balance the operating budget each year. The Bertschi Fund represents about 6% of the annual budget. Our financial goal in the 2020-21 school year is $390,000.

Each year the Bertschi Fund plays a vital role in the bottom line of the school's budget. Funds are directed to the areas of most need.

The Bertschi Fund is unrestricted, which means that contributions are used where they are most needed each year. In 2020-21, those areas include new and increased financial aid due to the economic effects of the pandemic, expanded technology investments to ensure a robust distance learning and tech support program, and all of the preparations to our classrooms and campus to keep students and teachers healthy and safe.

We want to encourage our teachers to dream big when planning their curriculums. If we raised to tuition to cover 100% of these big ideas, many current and prospective families might not be able to send their children to Bertschi. We want to offer the highest quality program possible, and asking for a donation via the Bertschi Fund to cover the remaining cost of our program gives families choice about how much they can additionally direct towards the school in a charitable, tax-deductible way.

Our Bertschi community has a beautiful history of generosity, allowing us to grow our little village and provide our children with the strong, connected, curious education that Brigitte Bertschi envisioned some 40 years ago. Gifts to the Bertschi Fund help our school deliver our promise of “The Bertschi Way.”

About $2,000 of each child's education is not covered by tuition. We hope that everyone feels compelled to give what they can for the greater whole.

The Bertschi Fund goal is 100% parent participation, in addition to contributions from other community members, for a total of $390,000. We ask all families to give something that is meaningful to them.

Our trustees and faculty/staff give generously each year to kick off the campaign, and for the last 10 years reached 100% participation. With strong participation from our entire community we nearly always meet or exceed our goal. Every gift helps!

In the fall, you will be asked to give or pledge to pay later. From September to December, parents will hear from a Bertschi Fund Class Champion every few weeks with encouragement and reminders.

The school is grateful for any amount you give as part of a collective investment. Through 100% parent participation we reach our financial goals each year.

Donation amounts are kept confidential within the Advancement Office. You may also elect to be listed anonymously in any publications such as the annual report.

Class Champions help us spread the word, answer any questions, and serve as friendly reminders and encouragers. However, they are not privy to dollar amounts or other confidential information.

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Community Participation

Grade Level Participation

There Are Many Ways to Give

Giving Levels

Donations are 100% tax-deductible. Bertschi School's tax ID is 91-0975541.

Community LevelUp to $499
Sponsor Level$500+
Founder Level$1,975+*
Leadership Level$4,000+
Partnership Level$7,500+
Visionary Level$15,000+

*In recognition of our founding year