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Our School
Bertschi School serves children from pre-kindergarten through grade five. Bertschi School is an exciting environment for professionals who like to be part of a supportive team of dedicated professionals who thrive on the challenges and rewards of working with an active community.

Our Mission

Bertschi School educates children to become compassionate, confident and creative learners in a global community.

Our Values

Our community values integrity, inclusiveness, respect, diversity, and a commitment to sustainability.

Our Pedagogy

Bertschi School believes that students learn best when they are:

  • Safe and known in an inclusive community that values diverse perspectives
  • Supported in developing social-emotional skills
  • Provided academic choice and challenge at their “just right level”
  • Engaged in meaningful work
  • Encouraged to problem solve through inquiry, trial, and error
  • Empowered to take risks and make change
  • Given opportunities to collaborate and dialogue with a diverse group of learners

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement
Bertschi School values diversity and believes engaging our differences makes us better and stronger. We welcome and honor the unique contributions of people from all racial, ethnic, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds, gender identities, learning styles, physical abilities and sexual orientations. Our commitment to equity drives us to be inclusive and diverse in all areas of our school.

Application Process:

In order to apply for any of our open positions, please complete the Bertschi application form and submit your cover letter and resume to

Open Positions:

Future Inquiries:

If you see a position that you are interested in applying for, please submit your cover letter and resume to, which we will refer to when we have a new job opening.