January 12, 2018

Check Out Our New Strategic Plan 2018+

Over the past year, our Strategic Planning Task Force led our community through an inclusive and well-researched process that incorporated feedback from parents, students, faculty, trustees, and alumni families to create a forward-thinking plan that looks to the long-term success of our school and our community.

At the heart of this plan are our students. We are putting our most important resource–our faculty–at the forefront of our work because of the direct impact they have on each child and family. This intentional choice will build upon the foundation established by past strategic plans, and support the success of each child at Bertschi now and in the future. Investing in our excellent faculty has a direct impact on each child and each family.

This Strategic Plan 2018+ is unlike any plan that Bertschi has previously published; it is unbounded by a strict time frame, committing us to ongoing strategic thinking, and aligning with a desire to be more adaptive, resilient, and responsive to changes and discoveries along the way. We expect to complete this plan in the next three to five years, but remain open to new opportunities and challenges that may emerge.

We have already started the work of this plan, even before it was set down on paper. As we look to the future, we open ourselves up to big questions, and set out to explore our mission as it applies to our students, our faculty, and our entire community in the 21st century.

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