Visioning Our Next Master Campus Plan

Taking the next steps for an even more environmentally sustainable, welcoming, and accessible school campus.

Beginning in 2020, Bertschi School partnered with Olson Kundig to begin developing a Master Campus Plan for the next five to ten years. Guided by our Strategic Plan 2018+, our entire community will participate in the plan development process.

Over the years, our campus has been developed many times to meet the educational and programmatic needs of our students. While we look ahead to the possibilities of the future, we also reflect with gratitude on the leadership of past Bertschi educators, Boards of Trustees, and families, who have built, expanded, and maintained our campus to be a treasure for generations of students to come. We now have the opportunity to take the next steps for our children today, and those who will follow us tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more updates!