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Campus Master Plan

We are ready for our entire campus to reflect all that we're proud of and set the stage for the future.

We want to push the boundaries of what’s possible in elementary education and build upon Bertschi’s position as a leader of environmental sustainability—all through a lens of equity and our community values.

To continue providing the best for our current and future students, Bertschi School recently completed a master campus plan that lays out a high-level vision for campus transformation over the next 5-10 years. We are currently engaged in a campaign planning study to help us plan for and realize these campus improvements through a capital campaign.

We are planning a gathering in November 2022 with residents in our neighborhood to share more about our plans and hear feedback. We are committed to continuing to build relationships with our neighbors and look forward to learning how the school can contribute positively to our neighborhood. We will send out an invitation to this event soon.

Campus Master Plan Priorities:

The campus master plan significantly improves and expands the existing learning spaces, as well as adds new learning spaces, to ensure quality and equity across all grade levels. Currently, our classroom spaces vary in size and quality across the grade levels and campus.

The new spaces will be large, with plenty of natural light, good acoustics, the flexibility to support differentiated, hands-on learning, as well as child-led exploration, creativity, and problem-solving. Our teachers will be able to deliver our excellent program in classrooms that even more effectively support the students, and that foster even more collaboration between teachers.

Did you know that Bertschi School built the fourth "Living Building"–the most rigorous environmental standard–in the world and the first LEED gold-certified building on an independent school campus in the Pacific NW?

As we prepare to enter the design phase for future campus development, we remain committed to environmental sustainability– and to the development of something new: a set of standards that center equity and social justice in the design, construction, and use of new buildings.

The master campus plan addresses several areas around equity:

  • Existing accessibility limitations will be addressed by prioritizing universal accessibility across the entire campus: from the main entrance, to circulation through the play spaces, to movement into and around the buildings.
  • Learning spaces will be designed so that teachers have what they need to accommodate a diversity of learning styles and approaches
  • The process of campus development will be tied to a set of standards that center equity and social justice in the design, construction, and use of new buildings. More on this coming soon!

By repurposing buildings and thoughtfully adding new buildings and features, the campus master plan roots us in Bertschi's child-centered "village" feel, where students move freely and independently between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Questions or want to learn more? Contact Director of Institutional Advancement, Rose Bellini.