Bertschi School Snow Day Policy

On snowy days, Bertschi School will follow the decision of the Seattle Public Schools; we will close if the Seattle Public Schools close, we will start late if the Seattle Public Schools start late. Drop off of students will begin 30 minutes before the start of classes. The Seattle Public School's web site will post their snow closure status. You may also check the School Report website for snow closures or delays for the Seattle School District.

Even if the snow is not significant enough to warrant the closure of Seattle Public Schools, we still encourage parents to use their best judgment for the safety of their families.

It is the policy of Bertschi School to absorb the first two snow days of the school year, and make up each snow day thereafter.


Mid-day Snow Emergency

If it is snowing hard or accumulating rapidly enough during the school day to warrant closure of the school, parents should come and pick up their children as soon as possible. Parents may check our web site home page, for up-to-date information regarding mid-day school closures.

In the event children are stranded at school due to snow, parents are encouraged to email or call (206) 324-5476 regarding your status. If you have someone nearby that can pick up your child, please make those arrangements and leave a detailed message on the office voicemail. No child will be sent home with anyone not listed on that child’s Student Pick-Up Form without permission from a parent/guardian.

Any child whose ride does not show up by 6:00 p.m. will be cared for at the school for as long as necessary. A minimum of two adults will stay at the school as long as children are present.